What J K Rowling did for this Syrian girl will make you salute her.

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JK Rowling has always won our hearts with her acts of kindness and words of wisdom. She does everything possible she can for offering her love and support to her millions of fans spread all over the world.
Once again, she has spread her magic want & has made a Syrian girl very happy.

J K Rowling, who is known for her kindness, was prompt enough to reply back! Here’s what she said

However, Fatehmah sadly tweeted back! Here’s what she said

J K Rowling didn’t think twice for fulfilling the wish of this little girl. She immediately sent the e-copies of that book to Bana. Her mom loved this gesture of hers and thanked her.

This tweet satisfied Rowling and it was definitely reflected in her next tweet.

Amidst so much violence and bombings in Syria, J K Rowling did the best she could to bring a smile on the little girl’s face.