Have You Ever Experiance Driving Classic Car Jaguar E-Type

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The Jaguar E-Type is a special car that is appreciated by many to understand why all you have to do is analyze the statistics of this car. This car is known as an E-type in the UK, the XK-E was named in the North American market.

These days, it’s a legendary car and a perfect choice for a driving experience, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. In order to understand why the e-type is a good choice, we need to understand why they took control of the market as it has done and why he kept a beloved car up to date.


Manufactured from 1961 to 1975, this car was known for its beautiful aesthetics and addictive performance. He had a book 0-60 of 7.1 seconds, but it was a wise number and, in fact, most of the cars that run faster than that, some claim even the screenplay completed in less than 6.7 seconds, now, it Is still a fast car even compared to Aux cars on the market.

Equipped with a large pulsating rectum 6, which came in 3.8 or 4.2-liter spec. It was designed to be light, at the time giving much sharper handling and improved acceleration against the competition. It was also very competitive. If your car is more beautiful, faster and agile than its competitors already make a winner, Jaguar has also ensured the car cheaper than its competitors, the high sales figures.

It was not just the beauty or the speed of the straight line that people fall in love with, it is in a very capable package that came that would manage very few cars, with a modern suspension and brake setup based on the last 24 hours Of Le Mans winners.


The E-Type is a rare car nowadays to buy a good condition is not easy to conduct and if you can find one, the price will put the most out of reach. What a pity is for a car that was described by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever made when it was released, and Enzo knew a lot about cars.

If you can not buy one of them (and if you have to deal with maintenance costs associated with an old classic British sports car), but still want to experience a ride, then you could take an e-type of driving experience, you will be a tutorial And have a conversation with the instructor about the history of this fantastic car before you have your chance to take control of the wheel and push as hard as you dare around a circuit, which is the way this car was developed on A race car Le Mans victory after all enjoyed being counted.