The Last of Us Sequel is on the Way, With a Trailer and a Few Changes #PlaystationExperience

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The newly discovered after the last of us will put you in the shoes of Ellie, instead of Joel, Naughty Dog unveiled today.

A jury from the PlayStation experience this afternoon with a reairing of the trailer to The Last of Us started: Part II, which began today earlier (see above). The video ends with Ellie promising everyone to find and kill, even if you do not know who wants them to aim. The Creative Director Neil Druckmann was asked about the identity of these people, avoided a topic directly addressing. However, he said that Elijah would be the playable character in Part II, as it has been abandoned in the last of us behind DLC’s expansion.

In addition, it was little shared about what is changed in game conditions. Druckmann stated that Ellie plays “Anders [ly]” Joel did but did not elaborate.

Matching the two games, which was the first of the love between Joel and Ellie. It describes II part as “accounting”, saying it “is about hatred and how we use the same things the players make to feel that.

Druckmann also confirmed that Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the first game again for Part II.

The group is in progress, but we have more in common. An appointment for Part II has not yet, although Druckmann described as a means to “walk” today earlier.