Brock Lesnar has Been Suspended One Year Following a Pair of Failed Drug Tests

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Brock Lesnar just suffered the biggest loss of his MMA career — without anyone landing a single punch on him.

The former wrestling star was handed a one-year suspension after he tested positive for two banned substances following his in-ring win at UFC 200. Post-fight testing showed signs of a pair of anti-estrogen drugs called clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene, which he says he never took knowingly. In addition to the suspension, Brock will have to pay a fine of $250,000 and have his win in the late June bout vacated and declared a “no decision.”

After serving the suspension, Brock will have to submit a clean drug samples at 30, 15 and 3 days prior to any contest, just to prove he’s obeying the rules

This is far from shocking, but I’m not sure how changing his victory over Mark Hunt to No Contest is a fair move Should be a loss, or they’re just tempting fighters to take their chances and hope they don’t get caught. It’s actually getting to the point where PEDs are so much a part of this (and other) sports, that they need two leagues, one “All Drug (no testing)” and the other “No Drug”, where testing is actually in the form of a blood test and not some questionnaire.