ISIS offers ‘$1m reward’ for Murder of woman who Dropped out of University to Fight Them

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Joanna Palani was 22 when she dropped out of college to fight on the front lines against ISIS. Now, she’s making headlines again—for facing jail time in her native Denmark.


Joanna moved to Denmark as a child after her family won asylum in the country.


But now 23-year-old Joanna has been taken into custody in her hometown of Copenhagen for violating a travel ban after flying to Qatar.


She was warned by Danish police that her passport was not valid and would be revoked if she left the country, but despite the warnings, she flew to Doha, Qatar, on June 6.


Joanna was pursuing a politics degree which she had quit to join the Kurdish revolution against ISIS after the extremists rose to prominence in 2014.


Joanna Palani joined Kurdish forces in the front lines against ISIS, worked with a group to free children and women held by ISIS as sex-slaves, and trained young Kurdish girls to be soldiers