Giant Panda Playfully Destroys Snowman Built for him by Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo

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This panda hates a snowman.
Please build him one every day as long as the snowman lasts. We love it.Facebook Absolutely beautiful to watch, this toronto zoo panda bear can teach us, we do not need fast cars, computers and all the other things that we crave for fun, the most basic things can bring us the most fun.That’s just lovely,every day I love animals more and more,it says something about the world in which we live in today.I honestly could not stop laughing at the Panda’s antics on the video..absolute bliss lol.

The best 1 minute you will spend on-line-viewing today is right here…panda vs. snowman

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Credit For Video: Toronto Zoo

Toronto is having a rare white Christmas. If pandas make you smile check out this video of one of ours deconstructing a snowman. My favourite part is when he drapes himself over the body and falls over on his head