Lucky Reddit User Gets Awesome Gifts From ‘Secret Santa’ Bill Gates

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I heard about this but finally got to see what Bill Gates put together as a secret santa. What a great gift package! I know someone in my house whose head would have exploded.


This is where I share that I still haven’t received my secret stranger santa by mail gift…
which would be a welcomed surprise small token since I have been sadly preoccupied with finding a new place to live (unless I want to become ho, ho, homeless in January) and am digging myself out from a health setback that occurred the beginning of December…
However, surprisingly, despite it all, I am not bah humbug about it all–still hopeful for Christmas collection of miracles beyond anything material that can come in the mail.


A Reddit user named Aerrix says the world’s richest man — worth a cool $75 billion, in case you’ve forgotten — sent her gifts last week through Reddit’s Secret Santa Gift exchange.

The gifts were awesome, and she was a little bit excited about it. We know this because about half of the words in a post she wrote about it were in all caps.


This is awesome. Gotta love when the richest people in the world take part in fun traditions with the rest of us but do so in the most awesome way possible (as you’d imagine).